Transilvania University of Braşov


by Universitatea Transilvania Brasov

Transilvania University of Braşov

Transilvania University of Brașov, a public institution of higher education with a tradition of over half a century, has the mission of providing and developing the resources and instruments for high quality teaching and scientific research, such as to ensure its competitiveness in the European Higher Education and Research Area.

The university evolves within the dynamics of today's knowledge-based society, relying on its dedicated teaching staff who coordinate numerous multi-disciplinary national and international projects, both scientific and educational, and organize highclass international conferences and forums. Every year University is the Transilvania chosen destination of hundreds of students and teachers participating in academic exchange programmes, coming from all EU countries; at the same time the university is represented by its students and teachers in educational and research activities at more than 250 universities from Europe and other cultural spaces, partners in collaboration agreements.

Transilvania University of Brașov has:

  • 18 Faculties
  • 19,000 students
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Technological Engineering and Industrial Management
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Silviculture and Forest Engineering
  • Wood Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Food and Tourism
  • Product Design and Environment
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Economic Sciences and Business Administration
  • Psychology and Education Sciences
  • Physical Education and Mountain Sports
  • Music
  • Medicine
  • Letters
  • Law
  • Sociology and Communication


Transilvania University of Braşov offers:

  • 107 Bachelor programmes (full time, part time)
  • 70 Master programmes (full time, part time)
  • 17 domains for PhD studies

Integrated studies - an innovative and flexible offer

The fundamental development objective for 2012 - 2016 is the consolidation of University of Transilvania Brasov as a key national and international institution for generating and conveying advanced knowledge, as well as integration in the European Higher Education and Research Area. The current study programmes are the result of extensive restructuring focused on ensuring educational process quality and competitiveness, as well as compatibility with the demands of the European labour market. The syllabuses underlying our study programmes were developed according to the needs of the economic, social and cultural environment and correspond to related study programmes offered at wellestablished European universities. The continued adjustment of bachelor, master and doctoral studies to the requirements of society has yielded flexible integrated Bachelor-Master-PhD (BMP) study routes, accessible to students from the very moment of their admission. This innovative offer of study programmes ensures that secondary education graduates can choose the path that suits best their capacities and aspirations.

Modern and high-performance laboratories

All faculties have developed modern laboratories for their students, covering all bachelor and master programmes, laboratories endowed with high-tech equipment, updated IT infrastructure and specific software. The University's direct cooperation with various companies has resulted in their investing in well-equipped teaching laboratories. Deployment of these facilities ensures speciali zed training and development of highly qualified human resources for the investing companies and the wider labour market.

High quality teaching

In recent years, the university has significantly invested in infrastruc- ture quality as required by the teaching process (58 auditoriums and 367 teaching laboratories were modernized). The university provides modern teaching – studying - evaluation instruments by its e-Learning platform launched in 2008. Access to this platform is facilitated by the 6 computer rooms opened for students as well as by free internet made available in all student halls of residence. Modernization of residences that fully cover student accommodation needs, represents another permanent concern of the university. A modern, highest standard learning space is the Transilvania University Library, fully automated, with open shelf access and ample reading rooms, a frequent destination for both students and teachers, open for learning and broadening levels of knowledge.

Prestigious and dynamic research

Research in the university has been structured by interdisciplinary priority fields, capable of ensuring the attaining of a top position at national level and full integration in the European Research Area. Upon an internal evaluation process, the university defined 29 research departments, selfmanaged and operating with their own staff and infrastructure, conducting research of excellence targeting the development of innovative high-tech products. A significant contribution to developing and ensuring the human resources required for research is made by the university's Interdisciplinary Doctoral School and the research – oriented master programmes coordinated by the research departments. Efficient and synergetic deployment of the existing resources and of those in progress represents a key feature of university strategy, materialized by the major development project of the R&D Institute for High-Tech Products for Sustainable Development. The Institute's high performance infrastructure is grouped into 12 specialized laboratories, available to the 28 research departments as well as to cooperation with national and European research facilities and research divisions of various companies. The Institute will also represent the main component of a research pole of excellence for the 7th – Centre Development Region of Romania in the field of sustainable energy and environment.