The General Association of Engineers in Romania (A.G.I.R.)

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by Asociatia Generala a Inginerilor din Romania (Agir)

The General Association of Engineers in Romania (A.G.I.R.)

The General Association of Engineers in Romania (A.G.I.R.), that has reappeared within the Romanian society in 1990, is a professional organisation, with full autonomy, non-governmental, apolitical, and with non-profit activity, constituted on a non-limited duration. The statutes establish the General Association of Engineers in Romania organisation and functioning.

The General Association of Engineers in Romania is an open organisation, with a nonlimited number of members, natural and legal persons, who recognise its Statutes and wish to contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

A.G.I.R. is constituted on a non-limited period. The General Association of Engineers in Romania is the factual continuation of the engineering organisations that have had successive names such as: the "Polytechnic Society", the "General Association of the Engineers of Romania", the "Technicians' Scientific Association", the "Engineers and Technicians' Scientific Association" and the "Engineers and Technicians' National Council".

  • 2014 AGIR Awards


Our objectives are

  • To anticipate and to respond effectively to the engineers necessities, offering them facilities for the view to obtain a competitive advantage
  • To promote an industrial culture that valorise the existing talents
  • To encourage the vocational satisfaction of the Engineers, to recognize and to respect their contribution to the success of the institutions that their are working with
  • To create a basis for the continuing improvement of the engineering activities characterized by professional excellency through training, respect for the human and social values and through availability to consulting and communication
  • To relief the engineering culture through research, development, design, innovation, production and trade, using the most efficiently the human and financial resources
  • To contribute at the industrial culture development, relieving the efficient and innovative enterprises, that may induce an economical sustainable development and the increase of the social stability and the environment protection
  • To action for practising the engineer profession respecting the specific deontological principles.

 AGIR's values are:

  •  Engineering excellency
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable development
  • Economical development
  • Unity in diversity

 Our offer

AGIR has, as main objective, to contribute at the recognition of the role of the engineering body as determinant and stimulating factor in the technical, scientific and economic evolution of the Romanian society.

 For this purpose and for obtaining the values proposed, the association:

  • organizes continuing engineering education actions;
  • supports the engineers' free initiative, by consulting activities, managerial courses and others, with the view of creating new working places for engineers;
  • organises professional debates, conferences, symposiums, colloquia for achieving a large exchange of knowledge, experience and information, in the technical and scientifically domains, or of general interest;
  • participates in research, education programs, with internal and external financement;
  • awards the yearly AGIR Prize to the most valuable engineering works achieved and applied or published during the previous year.
  • elaborates studies and speciality works, by its members, on the basis of conventions or contracts and to carry out consulting, expertise and technical assistance activities;
  • is concerned by the international recognition of the knowledge and qualifications of the Romanian engineers, supports the technical faculties' accreditation by the international organizations that member it is, recommend the EurIng title award.


Loyal to its concerns to offer a large scale of opportunities that the modern engineer must be not only a good professional but to have a larger horizon, the AGIR:

  • is Member of the World Federation of the Engineering Organizations - WFEO/FMOI since 1990 (it is represented in the Executive Committee since 2001), of the European Federation of the National Engineering Associations - FEANI since 1995, of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education - IACEE since 1992 and of the Regional Council of Coordination of Central and East-European Engineering Organizations - RCC since 1993;
  • has relationships with engineering associations world wide;
  • through its professional associations it is Member of speciality international organizations;
  • collaborates with governmental bodies and organisations, academies, higher education institutions, design and research institutes and centres, as well as with non governmental institutions, organisations and associations;
  • is affiliated at international prestigious organisations, with concerns and implications in the engineering problematic, development of the existent collaboration relations, organisation of congresses, meetings and other technical-scientific events with international attendance and to participate in similar events abroad;
  • participate, on the demand of the legislative, governmental, local and socio-professional bodies, in the elaboration and endorsement of the projects of normative documents, or of other regulations in the engineering domains, technical and technological organisation of economic units, organisation and carrying out of the technical education, research and design, production;
  • rends homage to some great personalities and celebration of some special events, related to the association past and activity.
  • establishes or participates in establishment of companies, associations, foundations, clubs, publishing houses, and others similar, patrimonial or non-patrimonial, as the case may be, according to the law and the association's statutes;
  • publishes, prints and disseminates works of large interest;
  • organizes cultural activities, tourist trips and professional visits into the country and abroad intended to contribute to the development of the collegial relations with other associations and organizations in profile;
  • support the Orchestra of Engineers and the Concertino choir.

  •  2015 AGIR Awards