The Transylvania Metal Processing Cluster (PrelMet Transilvania)

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The Transylvania Metal Processing Cluster (PrelMet Transilvania)

PrelMet represents 24 Romanian producers, three technical universities, local and regional authorities and non-governmental organizations. 

The competitive advantage offered by the cluster structure begins at macroeconomic level and follows applied research processes, innovations, technological transfer in order to increase the competitiveness of the member companies.

The main objective of the PrelMet Transylvania Cluster is to increase the efficiency of companies and reduce the gaps between the national and the EU average. The target consists in the competitiveness increase of member companies.

The cluster seeks the development of the R&D&I activities, the transfer of technologies and coordination of cluster activities and projects for the international promotion of the cluster, for improved cooperation between the cluster members and for attracting new members.

The PrelMet Transylvania objectives are:

  • development of the metal processing sector in Romania
  • improved R&D&I capacity: driving cooperation between C&D and factories; improvement of cluster member access to R&D results
  • improved member access to technology transfers; improved productivity among cluster members
  • implement quality systems and increase the product quality of member companies
  • specific human resources training
  • improvement of the market positions of cluster members and access to new markets
  • development of cooperation and networking among cluster members
  • supporting a favourable business environment
  • internationalization


  • PrelMet at Demo Metal 2015

Members of the Transylvania Metal Processing Cluster

  • Companies

1. S.C. Mecanic Tehnic S.R.L. Cugir

2. S.C. Preliv S.R.L. Cugir

3. S.C. Cuplaje-Prod S.R.L. Cugir

4. S.C. Scularie Cugir, Cugir

5. S.C. Romtehnica S.R.L. Sibot

6. S.C. Bulbucan S.R.L., Cugir

7. S.C. SGL Produc]ie & Comer] S.R.L., Cugir

8. S.C. Nova Grup S.R.L., Cugir

9. S.C. Tea S.R.L.S.C. Cugir

10. S.C. Brahia S.R.L., Alba Iulia

11. S.C. SebSteelMet S.R.L., Alba Iulia

12. S.C. Almi Import&Export S.R.L., Aiud

13. S.C. Marbad S.R.L. Cugir

16. S.C. Elden S.R.L. Pianul de jos

17. S.C. Prototip S.R.L. Cugir

18. S.C. COMPA S.A. Sibiu

19. S.C. Brandl S.R.L. Sibiu

20. S.C. Tehnomag CUG Cluj-Napoca S.A

21. S.C. Atta Consulting S.R.L. Alba Iulia

22. S.C. Parcul Industrial Cugir S.A. – Cugir

23. S.C. Acces Project Investments S.R.L. Ia[i

24. S.C. Pro Tehnic S.R.L. Cluj-Napoca

  • Universities

1. Cluj-Napoca Technical University,

2. Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu,

3. 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia

  • Regional and local authorities

1. The Regional Central Development Agency

2. The Alba County Council

3. The Alba Iulia City Hall

4. Cugir City Hall

  • NGOs

1. The SME FOundation – Alba Iulia

2.The AISTEDA University Foundation, Bucharest, Alba Iulia

3. The Bucharest Technological Development Centre

  • Mihacea Liliana – consultant