Energy efficiency and connectivity. Bosch Innovation Day


by Bosch Rexroth Sales

Energy efficiency and connectivity. Bosch Innovation Day

On June 6th, 2015, Bosch Rexroth presented modern, tangible engineering solutions at the Bosch Innovation Day in Blaj. The products and solutions displayed during this event, in the field of hydraulics and electrical and mechanical actuators, linear technology and assembly are used in almost all stationary and mobile machinery.

Starting with 2007, the company manufactures in Blaj parts by linear technology for the building of machinery. In 2014, Bosch Rexroth set up and own sales and service division in Romania.

Bosch Rexroth sees in Romania not only a very productive location, but also a growing and interesting market. Romania is currently experiencing an expansion of the machinery industry, and we are making our products and application expertise available for high quality engineering solutions.

Werner Richter is General Manager of Bosch Rexroth in Romania

The most innovative exhibits of Blaj were also present at the 2015 Hannover fair, and are representative for the fields of mechatronics, linear engineering, hydraulics and electrics.

The products and solutions presented at that time included compact machine orders and electric actuator systems, smart hydraulic units and precision linear technology. “For our innovations, we strongly rely on higher energy efficiency and the new Industry 4.0 concepts", stressed Mr. Richter. Industry 4.0 represents the connection of machines and installations with the virtual world of software.

“Bosch Rexroth is one of the global market leaders for Industry 4.0“, explains the general manager. “These concepts are already under implementation in our factories, and the resulting experience have direct application to our new products.“

On another hand, the variable speed command units of Sytronix pumps decrease the energy demand of the hydraulic system by up to 80%, with unaltered yields. Thus, the production costs of manufacturers are significantly reduced.

Another strong point is stage technology. Rexroth has been a supplier of stage technology for opera houses and theatres all over the world for decades. Bosch Rexroth is found in the stage technology of the Krakow Opera and the National Theatre of Warsaw, as well as Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow.

As a general contractor, Rexroth undertook the entire upgrading of stage technology there, coming up with the most advanced and detailed stage automation technology in the world. “We combine various actuation and command technologies with full solutions from same sources“, underlined Mr. Richter. “For this, we work with global specialists, in common teams, thus leveraging their team experience.“

The use of hydraulic systems in modern machinery was emphasized by a hydraulic truck crane with a 150 meters hydraulic boom, specially fitted for Bosch Innovation Day at the Blaj factory.

The truck was a Liebherr, world leader in the field of truck and track cranes, can lift a weight of up to 500 tonnes, i.e. the weight of approx. 500 small cars. The extendible pole can reach a height of up 150 meters.

These state of the art tools are powered by a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic solutions. Six hydraulic pumps allow the crane operator to extend and finely rotate the pole and winch up weights. The XXL truck crane is owned by SC Dornseiff S.R.L.

Bosch Rexroth is a global supplier of teaching and training systems for specialized staff. The training systems presented at Blaj combine electric and hydraulic actuators and control solutions with practical training curricula.