“Energy efficiency in the industry”


by Camera de Comert si Industrie Romano-Germana (AHK)

“Energy efficiency in the industry”

Energy efficiency in the industry” is the title of the symposium organized by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 22nd of September 2015 at Intercontinental, in the Fortuna room. The symposium represents the second stage of the event initiated and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and is aimed at Romanian and German companies interested in developing joint ventures in the field of energy efficiency, as well as the promotion at local level of German systems and products designed for the increase of energy efficiency.

The introductory speech was given by Mr. Sebastian Metz, Head of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Sebastian Gromig, the economic attaché of the German Federal Republic in Bucharest. The symposium introduced the business delegation and was designed to establish first contacts between large energy consumers in Romania, energy specialists and Romanian companies, and German companies.

The manifestation was attended by representatives of the Federal government, joined by German and Romanian experts who described current regulatory aspects, technical solutions and the actual expertise in energy efficiency of industrial processes.

Mrs. Ticuța Hristov from the Department for Energy Efficiency, Authorization, Cooperation and Monitoring Department of the ANRE (the National Regulatory Authority for Energy) presented the obligations of the Romanian energy sector and the ANRE recommendations for improvement of energy efficiency. Mrs. Oana Dicu, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Institutional Affairs Manager at Holcim România SA pointed out in her presentation the efforts of Holcim for the increased energy efficiency of cement factories, and gave specific details on one innovative project in this field: the waste heat recovery plant from the Alesd cement factory. Mr. Andrei Ioane[, the representative of the Robert Bosch factory of Jucu, presented investments in monitoring systems and equipments for the improvement of operational regimes undertaken by Bosch at the Jucu factory.

Representatives of Eclareon (Germany), the Fraunhofer Institute and the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) provided the participants with an outlook on energy efficiency in Germany, together with practical examples on the implementation of energy management systems in this country.

The eight German companies seeking to enter and consolidate their position on the Romanian market gave a short presentation of their systems and products:

1.Deutsche Eco-Licht provides customized solutions for efficient lighting systems – for companies, public buildings or infrastructure (www.deutsche-eco-licht.de)

2.E.ON Connecting Energies, set up in 2012, is part of the German group E.ON. ECT provides its customers with solutions for the reduction of energy costs and continuous optimization beyond the ECT’s involvement period. The company targets both the public and private sectors involved in environment protection, reduction of energy costs and energy security (www.eon-connecting-energies.com)

3.Janitza Electronics provides hardware and software for energy management, measurement of network quality and compensation installations (www.janitza.com)

4.Kroll Energy provides a wide range of solutions in fields like: water and air heating, liquid-fuel burners and universal furnaces, various solutions for drying, dehumidification and heating of concrete silos (www.kroll.de.en)

5.Lights for Europe manufactures LEDs with applications such as indoor lighting, production, logistics and storage. The LEDs provided are not just energy efficient and provide minimum maintenance costs, but may also be used to optimize indoor lighting by different light beam propagation angles (www.lights.de/english/index.html)

6.RBR Messtechnik manufactures emission analysers and pressure meters. Its products may be used for any combustion process. It provides both flue gas measurement and control devices and equipment for the diagnosis stationary measurement devices. (www.rbr.de/en)

7.WILO SE is a top producer of energy efficient pumps and pumping systems for heating, cooling, air conditioning, water supply and waste water drainage installations (www.wilo.com)

8.Wolf GmbH produces and distributes atmospheric or condensation water heaters and boilers, indoor and outdoor ventilation and air conditioning installations, solar panels, geothermal and air-water heat pumps, as well as cogeneration plants (www.wolf-heiztechnik.de)

Immediately after the symposium, the German companies met with potential Romanian partner companies. They were accompanied for this purpose by employees of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce.

The costs of the event were covered by the German Federal Economy and Energy Ministry, under the Energy Efficiency made in Germany Programme. (www.ahkrumaenien.ro) .