Enea Software recruits 30 programmers for a new research center in Craiova


by T&T

Enea Software recruits 30 programmers for a new research center in Craiova

Enea Software Romania opens a new R&D center in Craiova and will 30 software engineers before the end of the year.

"We chose Craiova because we found very good people here, experienced and passionate engineers, capable of working in the complex projects that we carry out with the aerospace, pharma or financial industries. We also took into account that it’s a major university center, as the Automation,

Electronics and IT Faculty was a true wealth of talents over the past years. Besides, Craiova is home to a rapidly expanding community of more than three thousand IT engineers which makes up a new development hub for global projects", said Bogdan Putinica, senior vicepresident of Enea Software.

Currently, the company recruits engineers who will work in two R&D directions in the field of enterprise-based solutions and advanced cloud applications, which will start in the following months.

"We are a team of versatile engineers who like to work with advanced technologies and we plan to hire 30 snior developers before the end of the year", added Bogdan Putinic`. Enea Craiova is the second largest R&D center opened by the company outside Bucharest, after the one of Iasi that was commissioned in the spring of this year.

Enea has 300 employees in Romania, of which 290 in Bucharest and 10 in Iasi. Enea is a global service and software company focusing on communication solutions and equipment