Romania to reach more than 100,000 outsourcing employees in 2017


by Mediafax

Romania to reach more than 100,000 outsourcing employees in 2017

The number of employees in the outsourcing industry will increase by 20% next year and will exceed the 100,000 mark, said Catalin Iorgulescu, Managing Director of BPO WNS Global Services Romania.

"The number of service outsourcing jobs will most likely increase by 20% in 2017, exceeding the 100,000 threshold, due to the high number of foreign companies investing in Romanian businesses. For instance, this year alone we met some 10 companies which extended their business in our country, and I am sure there will be more to come next year", said Catalin Iorgulescu.

At the same time, foreign companies extending in Romania are mainly attracted by the cheap labour and the abilities and linguistic skills of the Romanian youth. A slight deficit of job-seekers is felt on this market when new recruitments are made. 

According to Catalin Iorgulescu, the lack of job-seekers is blamed on the automation and engineering of task processes, followed by the fragmentation of complex activities into sim­pler ones: "One solution to avoid the lack of personnel in this  field is automation. For instance, this increasingly widespread technology in our  activities is a complete game changer. The advantages are manifold, since a  robot does not require medi­cal or annual leave and can work 24/365, with predictable and accurate results at a lower cost than a human employee", said Catalin Iorgulescu.

In his opinion, to increase the quality of the university gradu­ates and first-time employees, the education system has to be adapted to the needs of the labour market, and mainly focus on the practical training of the young people.