Siemens expanded two of its Romanian factories of Sibiu and Buzias


by Siemens

Siemens expanded two of its Romanian factories of Sibiu and Buzias

Siemens continues to develop in Romania, now complet­ing the extension works at two of its four factories locally operated by SIMEA Sibiu SRL. The two produc­tion facilities are located in Sibiu and in Buzias, Timis county.

 “Romania is attractive for manu­facturing companies given its well qualified workforce and competi­tive costs, as well as the proximity to Western markets. The expan­sion of production and the invest­ments in R&D show the Siemens commitment for Romania, a role undertook 111 years ago”, declared George Costache, CEO of Siemens SRL.

“14 years ago, the Siemens group opened its first Romanian factory. The recently completed investments are a new stage in the subsequent development of production capabilities, a recognition of the competitiveness and performance of our employees and of the excellent cooperation with Siemens Austria and Germania”, added Aurel B`loi, CEO of SIMEA Sibiu SRL.

The factory Th. Mihaly street of Sibiu, opened in 2004, was relocated in July into a a new building from the “West Side Industrial Park" of Sibiu. The 7,800 sqm of industrial and office spaces take 110% more space than the previous area of the production facility.

With this extension, the production process was updated to include an electrostatic spray painting workshop for the industrial and rail bodies already manufactured by the factory.

The electric works at the factory have been carried out by Siemens SRL and are focused on efficiency. Thus, energy loss­es are minimized thanks to high-efficiency dry transformers, and the lighting control is modular according to the area and availability of natural light, thus bringing significant energy saving benefits.

The factory relocated to the “West Side Industrial Park" manu­factures power cables for industrial electronic equipment and rolling stock, sheet metal parts for industrial and rail bodies, steel bodies for locomotives, subway trains and other rail components, and installs frames of industrial rectifiers. The production benefits of the new paint workshop cover the entire value chain from a single source, but also the expansion towards a new sector, i.e. wind energy, by the welding of the metallic frames of the stators of wind turbines, which is sched­uled to begin later this year. The Siemens facility of Buzias was also subject to an expansion process, with the inauguration of a third production workshop at the beginning of August. The new workshop has around 1200 sqm and brings a 60% increase of the total area of the Buzias facility, as well as a pro­duction boost. Synchronous engines for industrial machinery will be built in the new space.

The Buzias factory manufactures components and cooling sys­tems for linear and Toqrue engines, with applications in direct control systems and asynchronous engines.

The Buzias factory is the first facility opened by Siemens in Romania, as it was inaugurated in 2002, with an initial area of 400 sqm. Today, the total area of the factory amounts to 3,300 sqm.

At the end of the tax year 2015, ending on 30 September 2015, the Siemens company had 1780 employees in Romania. Active in the sectors of electrification, automation and digitalization, Siemens owns four factories in Sibiu and Buzia[,together with four R&D centres in Bucharest, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. The company opened its first Romanian office in 1905, under the name “Societatea Romana de Electricitate - Siemens Schuckert Societate Anonima”. For more details, visit: