The first VW Beetle with a Romanian ICPE-made electric propulsion


by T&T

The first VW Beetle with a Romanian ICPE-made electric propulsion

On August 5th, the solar farm ICPE saw the presentation of a package of electric mobility solutions developed by the ICPE research team. Its main component is the innovative electric propulsion solution which was installed for demonstration purposes on a 1966 VW Beetle. It also features a battery charging control system which is subject to a patent application.

The second important component is the wall-box 230V-32A char­ging station for electric vehicles, built to European standards, which may be supplied by an independent electricity generation system – the photovoltaic trailer.

 “We chose the VW Beetle as a demonstration platform for our equipments mainly in order to raise awareness regarding the need for green transportation, but also to prove that nearly all cars can be fitted with electric power”, said Viorel STANCIU – coordinator of the electric mobility research team.

ICPE.65 – 65 years of activity in the field of electric mobility

For 50 years, ICPE has been a promoter of electric mobility solutions in Romania by both the research carried out and the organization of events dedicated to this field, such as the EV international conference, now at its 12th edition, and EV SHOW – an exhibition of electric vehicles, components and specific infrastructure.

ICPE is currently a partner is several European electric mobility projects, such as: Plus Moby, Free Moby, Go4sem, Demotest EV and many other national projects. The flagship project is SIMOPEL, which is coordinated by the ICPE team, for the development of propulsion and battery charging control systems.

Between 1-3 October 2015, ICPE, “The Association for the promotion of electric vehicles in Romania” (AVER) and the “ICPE Scientific Society” (SSICPE) organized a new edition of the EV 2015 CONFERENCE & SHOW in the ICPE Solar Park.