The Frenchmen of Saint-Gobain Glass expect sales in excess of EUR 80 million before the end of the year


by T&T

The Frenchmen of Saint-Gobain Glass expect sales in excess of EUR 80 million before the end of the year

Saint-Gobain Glass Romania, one of the main players on the local glass market, expect a 10% boost in their busi­ness this year as compared to 2015, when the company reported revenues of approx. EUR 72 million.

"We witnessed a fast growing pace in the first semester this year, which materialized in revenues of EUR 42.6 million. This is why we are optimistic and estimate sales in excess of EUR 80 million in 2016", declared Norbert Teschner, managing director of Saint-Gobain Building Glass Romania.

The company manager stated that Saint-Gobain Building Glass plans for the next period are aimed at investing in a new production line.

"For 2018 we are planning to commission a new production line for special windshield glass. The new line will have a capacity of 500,000 windshields annually. We will also take this oppor­tunity to employ another 130 people", added Norbert Teschner.

The company, which is part of the French group Saint-Gobain, entered the Romanian market in 2005, when it started building a production unit in Calarasi, the largest greenfield investment in our country since the 90’s. The factory was opened in 2007, with investments reaching approximately EUR 180 million so far.

The initial investment, EUR 135 million, was aimed at develop­ing a float glass production line, while another metallic covering line was commissioned in 2008 after a 35 million Euro invest­ment. In 2013, a laminated glass production line was also com­missioned after an investment of EUR 6 million. Moreover, EUR 10 million was earmarked for other investments and upgrades of the current lines during the ten years of factory operation.

"At this time, the Calarasi factory covers 34 hectares, with pro­duction lines and office space taking more than 10 hectares", reminded Norbert Teschner. He added that the company has 486 employees today, of which 249 are involved in the produc­tion process.

As regards the company’s sales, 40% of the output is directed to partners and local projects, with the rest of 60% ending up in 42 countries, among which Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Greece and Croatia.

Locally, the glass manufactured in Calarasi is used in all market segments, but the bulk of it, 50%, is aimed at residential projects. The second largest sector of taking up products of Saint-Gobain Building Glass is the office segment.

Saint-Gobain Glass, a company with a tradition of more than 350 years within the French group Saint-Gobain, specializing on the manufacturing of construction materials, is the main European and the second largest glass manufacturer in the world, with sales in excess of EUR 39.6 billion in 2015.