GreenBau Tehnologie, successful cooperation


by GreenBau Tehnologie

GreenBau Tehnologie, successful cooperation

Olt Motor

Olt Motor SRL was established in 2006, taking over a major part of a company incorporated in 1991, and has as main object the manufacturing of metallic structures and components thereof. Our company manufactures parts by mechanical welding and splintering on numerical command lathes and conventional machinery such as: fi lers, lathes, drillers, grinders. We own MIG, MAG, WIG, TIG welding machinery. Our company also implemented the ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2008 and ISO 18001/2008 quality management systems. Since its beginnings, the Olt Motor had signifi cant Romanian companies as customers, such as: Semănătoarea, Tractorul Brașov, Aro Câmpulung, Alro Slatina, Altur Slatina and others.

We own 5 OKUMA numerically controlled lathes, purchased from GreenBau Tehnologie. Beginning with 2008, we decided to source numerically controlled equipment to increase productivity and processing precision. Thus, in that year, we contacted GreenBau, which delivered the first OKUMA LB2000 lathe. After this first experience with GreenBau and OKUMA lathes, the investments in purchasing other OKUMA machines increased, as we were very satisfied with their reliability and accuracy and with the services of GreenBau Tehnologie. Thus, to us, GreenBau is not only a supplier of equipment and services, but also an exceptional partner through its services provided at key moments over time, decisive in completing ongoing or incipient projects.

As far as we are concerned, the advantage of the OKUMA machines consist in the swiftness of project implementation from the drawing board until the specific manufacturing, due to a very simple and effective programming. The high price may be seen as a down-side, but it reflects the quality of services provided by GreenBau and the high accuracy parts manufactured with these machines.

A key contributor to Olt Motor’s success was the quality of OKUMA machines’ output and the excellent communication we’ve had with the GreenBau Tehnologie staff. Considering the above, we plan further purchases of numerically controlled OKUMA equipments from the Romanian distributor, firma GreenBau Tehnologie. Of course, we’ve had our share of issues in our cooperation with GreenBau, which were however quickly solved thanks to good communication. I wish to thank Greenbau Tehnologie for our good coo- peration and speediness in responding to our inquiries and I wish them good luck in their activities! George NIŢĂ General Manager of Olt Motor SRL

Nova Grup

Nova Grup is a privately owned company incorporated in 2001, with the main object of manufacturing customized mechanical components. The complexity of the products and services provided by Nova reached new heights in the past years, due to our permanent concern to evolve and remain up to date in everything we do. Thus, NOVA currently owns a cutting edge manufacturing facility fi tted with modern machines and processing centres, manned by dedicated and trained staff, all connected to ISO 9001 approved processes.

Approximately 7 years ago, we decided to go to the next level, namely the manufacturing of tool holders for numerically controlled machine-tools, designed and manufactured in our facility in Cugir. Subsequently, we diversified this range by introducing rotary tool holders with internal cooling, and vices for securing the parts in the turning centres.

This was possible thanks to GreenBau Tehnologie, which supported us all along this process with both machine-tool deliveries and technological solutions. We can state that thanks to our cooperation with GreenBau, we managed to become the only manufacturer of tool holders for CNC machine tools in the S-E of Europe.

The cooperation with GreenBau began as early as 2006, when Nova decided to acquire numeric control machines a notch above what we owned at that time. Thus, we purchased from GreenBau OKUMA branded lathes and turning centres, which helped us expand our range of products by manufacturing components with a high level of accuracy.

We are very pleased with these machines and their reliability and constant manufacturing accuracy. The maintenance costs of OKUMA machines are low thanks to a very low ratio of malfunctions. This is the time to remind that we had no electric or electronic issues with these machines, which says a great deal about their reli-ability. As a further comment, the delivery period is some- times longer for some parts, probably owing to the distance between Japan and Europe.

We are pleased with our relation with GreenBau, which proved beneficial for us, and I wish we developed and rein-force this cooperation in the future. Vasile MOLDOVAN Administrator Nova Grup