Preparing for the future. EFD Induction Romania - Green Advanced Technology


by Efd Induction Romania

Preparing for the future. EFD Induction Romania - Green Advanced Technology

On 28 April 2016, the Vidra office of EFD Induction Romania, par of EFD Induction Group of Norway, saw the closing of the project DACHI - 2013/108259: EFD Induction Romania – Green Advanced Technology, developed under the “Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania” and supported by Innovation Norway via Norway Grants. The current project is a follow up of the implementation by EFD Induction of a successful project in the previous 2007 – 2009 period, called the Industry Innovation Program, for the building of the current headquarters of the company (2955 sqm – the production facility and office space).

The EFD Induction Romania – Green Advanced Technology project, launched in 2014, was aimed at increasing the expertise and productivity of the EFD Induction Romania team, in order to also boost the complexity of its own equipment portfolio, to take over as many complex Group-level projects as possible at Group level. As suggested by the project name, a major component of the company’s development plan in Romania is environment, a fact reflected in both the equipments used and manufactured by EFD Induction Romania (for instance, in the Metallic Constructions section, the steel welding operation saw a 4-time reduction of air pollution, while the company-wide energy consumption is presumed to be 5% lower than in 2015 - in 2015, the energy savings amounted to 4.27% as compared to 2014).

Gabriel Stanciu, Managing Director of EFD Induction Romania, is thrilled to announce the following end-project results:

1.An increase in the manufacturing efficiency of induction thermal equipment thanks to an improvement of staff knowledge (143 participants enrolled in general and specific training sessions).

2.Investments in production capacity-boosting equipments: guillotine, bending press, brazing furnace, water-jet cutting equipment, CNC cutter, filters and exhausting installations and work stations for the design department.

“We worked hard to achieve these results. We are grateful for this grant and we hope Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway are satisfied with the efforts made and the results of this project. Receiving these funds is a great honour for us.” Gabriel Stanciu, Managing Director EFD Induction Romania

3. Environment protection by replacing polluting heating methods with a clean induction based technology.

4. Implementation of ERP and IT tools for effective operations

5. Generation of green jobs (the usage of exhausting equipments created 14 green jobs).

6. Increase of staff (from 63 to 86 Innovation Norway – a State body tasked with the global promotion of the Norwegian commerce and industry – and the EFD Group management visited EFD Induction Romania on 28 April 2016 to celebrate this project.

“Even after the project completion the focus will continue on the development of the green technologies. We became an organization much more robust as a result of this project and we learned many during the development of the project. Now we are ready to meet the future.” Gabriel Stanciu, Managing Director EFD Induction Romania

Innovation Norway – a State body tasked with the global promotion of the Norwegian commerce and industry – and the EFD Group management visited EFD Induction Romania on 28 April 2016 to celebrate this project.

The EFD Group strategy to raise EFD Induction Romania at the level of other subsidiaries, in terms of both staff training and technology level, has been achieved: EFD Induction Romania can design and carry out complex projects and is fully prepared to undertake their manufacturing.

About EFD Induction SRL

EFD Induction SRL carries further the induction activities of Inductro SRL, which was taken over by EFD AS in 2006 and fully integrated into the group’s profile as of 2012, with the acquiring of 100% of its shares. At its production facility in Vidra, the company provides optimum conditions for activities in fields such as: design, production, service, logistics, research, sales. EFD AS has four European production facilities, being the largest European manufacturer of induction heating equipment. Automotive parts manufacturers are one of the most significant markets for EFD equipments.