Electroalfa a strong Romanian brand

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Electroalfa a strong Romanian brand

Electroalfa has 23 years of experience in the production of electrical equipment and management of turnkey projects, and recognized as one of the significant players on the relevant market.

Starting with a small workshop in Boto[ani producing electric meters, the company grew steadily on the Romanian market. Thanks to a united team of specialists that grew from one year to another, and investments in state of the art technologies, the company expanded its production capacities, set up factories in Boto[ani, nationwide production facilities, and developed competitive products and services.

A 100 Romanian owned company, Electroalfa means today:

  • 3 modern production factories in Boto[ani (electric products, compact transformer points, ironworks);
  • Nationwide production facilities and dealerships;
  • The own Research and Development Centre, which includes a Product Testing laboratory;
  • 38 million turnover in 2013;
  • a strong brand based on the experience, qualification and enthusiasm of 380 professionals.

Electroalfa manufactures performing low and medium voltage electric equipments that optimize electricity consumption, namely: distribution boards Dismod PCC, automation and actuation boards Dismod MCC, power factor compensation plants, electric cells for primary and secondary distribution, compact transformer stations in concrete and metallic bays, cell retrofitting.

The Ironworks manufactures standard products (industrial switchboxes and cabinets, metallic furniture) and on order, including metallic structures for photovoltaic farms.

"The most important thing this year is to reach our export targets, since we are developing important projects aimed at increasing the competitiveness of low voltage and ironworks products on the international market. The internal market and energy sector remain promising markets for us, taking into account the needs for the upgrade of energy distribution, transmission and production in Romania." Petruș Cîndea, Electroalfa General Manager

Electroalfa is a general entrepreneur that designs and executes complex, turnkey projects, such as: modernization works at transformer stations, industrial and civil power plants, electric automation installations (SCADA), UPS or generator set backup, overhead and underground lines, etc.

Electroalfa develops in Romania projects to produce electricity by the conversion of solar power by means of photovoltaic cells. The company set up a photovoltaic farm in Rediu, Boto[ani. The farm has been operating since November 2012 and has a nominal installed power of 3.5 MW.

The Electroalfa customer portfolio covers the following fields: civil, administrative and industrial buildings (LJG Building Solutions Alpha - contractor Sky Tower, the Lia Manoliu National Stadium of Bucharest, the BNR Sport Arenas, Iulius Mall Ia[i, the St. Spiridon Emergency Clinical Hospital of Ia[i, RATB), energy (CEZ Distribution, Eon Distribution Moldova, Electrica), industry (OMV Petrom, Carpatcement Holding) and infrastructure (ROMGAZ Media[, Apa Nova, Metrorex, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, CET Boto[ani).

Its main export markets are: Switzerland, France, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Poland, Norway or Burkina Faso.

The affirmation of the company and continuous rise were based on the anticipation of future market needs. The attraction of the best specialists in the field, the investments carried out, the approaching of new markets, the orientation to continuous development were the basic stepping stones of the company’s evolution over time.

A company with a long tradition in its field, Electroalfa is known for its quality and reliability. The investments dedicated to research, technological development and innovation reinforce the Electroalfa brand into a strong business.

The most recent investments are the Research and Development Centre and the modernization of the Ironworks. The Research and Development Centre involved an investment of nearly 4 million Euro and consists in a Prototype Workshop, which manufactures new products, and also a laboratory for dust, heat, fog, salt or water testing. Approx. 4.9 million Euro was invested in technologies and software applications in the Ironworks and in the expansion with two halls of the production floor. These investments are partly funded from European grants. Besides these investments, the Ironworks was subject to an upgrade of production facilities and office spaces.

Electroalfa is considering investments in the expansion and mo­dernization of the Medium Voltage production facility, where electric cells for primary and secondary distribution cells are built.

On an increasingly competitive market, with specific customer requirements, the company’s attention is focused on optimizing products and adding new portfolio products designed in-house or by purchasing of licenses. Future plans include the increase of exports by expanding the business Africa, Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf region and the Middle East.