Electroputere, 67 years of outstanding achievements

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Electroputere, 67 years of outstanding achievements

Founded September 1, 1949 and designed for the production of heavy electrotechnical equipment, "Electroputere" shall ever be connected to the establishment of the power systems and the modernization of the railway and urban transportation systems in Romania. 1951 was the commencement of power transformer production according to our own designs. Later on, the power transformer production developed by increasing the rated voltage and by using new types of materials for magnetic cores.

During 1960-1965 the production range expanded and an ELIN Austria license was purchased for the 220MVA autotransformer, together with an ASEA Sweden license for the electric locomotive transformer.

The stage between 1965 and 1975 was characterized by the reorganization of the transformer manufacturing process, new production plants and self-accomplished 400 kV and 400MVA transformers. The first 440MVA transformer was built in 1987 for Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, the biggest transformer delivered by Electroputere in Romania. The testing laboratories significantly developed during this period, providing a diversity of transformers on the Romanian market and abroad and assuring all necessary means for any type of tests required.

Between 1949-1960, Electroputere produced electric locomotives for mines, as well as trams, and in 1960 it started producing Diesel Electric Locomotives. After 1989, the Locomotives division focused on modernization works and overhauls for Diesel Electric Locomotives 2100 HP and 5100 kW electric locomotives.

In 1950 the manufacturing of rotating electric machines started and over 400 types of electric machines were appropriated. In the late 60s, based on its own research and on the introduction into fabrication of BBC and ASEA licences, the insulation class "F" was extended to the entire production, so that Electroputere became one of the first producers in Europe in this field. During 1980-1985, based on General Electric Canada and Ansaldo Italy licences, electric motors for nuclear power plants were manufactured, thus conferring to the fabrication of rotating electrical machines an additional technical advantage.

Due to massive investments, cooperation with prestigious companies in Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy, as well as the efforts of a number of specialists, Electroputere became well known in over 100 countries all over the globe. In 1991 Electroputere became a company on shares.

ELECTROPUTERE was privatized in November 2007. The major shareholder, owing 86.28% of the shares, is a Saudi Arabian company, Al-Arrab Contracting Company Limited.


At the moment, a comprehensive investment and reorganization program including the renewal of production machines and equipment, refurbishment of buildings, occupational health and safety program, process development and many others, is being implemented in Electroputere. The goal of Electroputere is to become a global provider of power transformers and rotating electrical machines together with efficient solutions for its customers.

ELECTROPUTERE products & services:


  • Power transformers

1. Power generation • Generator transformers • Auxiliary service transformers: internal up to 72 MVA and voltages of up to 24 kV

2. Power transmission • Interconnection transformers up to 440MVA and 400kV • Earthing Transformers • Autotransformers of up to 500 MVA and 400kV

3. Power distribution • 10 - 63 MVA medium power distribution transformers with OLTC/DETC and nominal voltages of 123 kV • 2,5 - 16 MVA distribution transformers with OLTC/DETC and nominal voltages of up to 66 kV

  • Rotating electrical machines
  • 1. High voltage asynchronous motors • squirrel cage • slipring
  • 2. Low-voltage asynchronous motors • squirrel cage • slipring
  • 3. Special motors

• Asynchronous motors for hazardous locations - ATEX certified (IECEx certification available upon request) • Low-voltage asynchronous motors for oil drilling rigs • Low voltage asynchronous motors for variable speed drive • Submersible motors

4. Synchronous generators for hydroelectric power stations 

• Generators 5500 ÷ 1000 kVA, 6 ÷ 34 poles, 6.6 KV; cou­pling with Francis or Pelton turbines


  • Transformer service

1. Transport, erection, commissioning and testing at site

2 Training

3. After sales services

• A team for each mission

• Technical solutions and consultancy

• Preventive maintenance works

• Modernization and rehabilitation works

• The service contract

• Evaluation of transformer status

• Always a step ahead

• Online monitoring system

• Technical solutions

• Rehabilitation/repairs

• On site technical assistance

• State of the art on-site technical assistance

• Spare parts

• On-site testing of the transformer

Repairs of DC motors

Upgrade means much more than repair. In Electroputere upgrading means bring the motor into a stage as close as possible to a new motor. An upgraded traction motor has a life-time of at least 90% of a new one. The motor is given a new life. Electroputere is specialized in upgrading DC traction motors, even motors from other makers. Electroputere has thoroughly developed prosesses for the upgrading (a part of the quality system) The processes below can vary due to the needs and the user's requirements.

Rehabilitation, repairs, modernization works for electri­cal machines

MER Division deals with revisions, repair, refurbishment, up-grade and any intervention on any kind of electric machine, regardless the origin, using the same standards and engineering practice as for new motors manufacturing.

Quality system is notified by INSEMEX Petrosani with care for designing, manufacturing and repair off electric motors for haz­ardous locations.

Range of operations specific for electric machines:

• stator and rotor coil manufacturing

• windings

• vacuum and pressure impregnations

• test and rehabilitation of magnetic cores

• rehabilitation of structural parts (frames, shafts, endshields)

• repair or replacement of commutators, slip rings, brush-holders, dynamic balancing

• bearings replacement

• non-distructive tests

• complete electric tests

Interventions range:

• from minor operations up to complete refurbishment and up-grade of machines

Up-grades include, but not limited to:

• placing thermal sensors in winding and bearings (Platinum RTD’s or PTC thermistors,  associate the RTD’s with transmitters)

• modifications of the cooling system

• bearing insulation

• mounting space heaters

• vibrations sensors

  • Repairs and rehabilitation of components for electrical machines

MER Division provides a wide range of specific opera­tions, but not limited to:

• coil manufacturing(sets of coils)

• stator rewinding

• rotor rewinding

• magnetic cores rehabilitation:

- with replacement of the damaged portions with new lamina­tions

- made from silicon steel with superior characteristics

- laser cut according with the dimensions of the original ones

• repair of commutators of d.c electric machines

• rehabilitation of the structural components (frames, shafts, end shields)

• shaft replacement

• squirred cage repair

• dynamic balancing

• bearing rehabilitation

Five arguments for ELECTROPUTERE

1.Short delivery time

Our production capacities allow us to offer our partners a very good delivery time, in accordance with their needs.

2.Quick installation

With the help of our service team, the installation of Electroputere products can be done in a very short period of time.

3.Low operation and maintenance costs

By using innovative techniques we are able to provide you with low overall losses, which result in minimal operation costs for you. Moreover, due to using high quality materials, the period between maintenance works increases and the cost for spare parts decreases significantly.

4.Technical assistance and training

Upon request, our specialists can provide your personnel with training courses for the operation and maintenance of Electroputere products.


We produce equipment that can replace the one manufac­tured by Electroputere or that of other companies in the past, to fit together with the existing foundation, cabling system, etc.