Romanian brands

by Feper S.A.


FEPER S.A., as Peripheral Equipment Company, named IEPER, was established in 1975 as a state company specialised on peripherals for IT area having in view the policy of upgrading the cyber level of national economy. The production was focused on assembling electronic and mechanical products in cooperation with an American - Romanian joint-venture, the Romanian Control Data Company (RCD) as main business partner.

Beginning with 1980, a new policy was applied for increasing R&D and improving the technology by adding hightech endowment which led to reducing the put-in-operation time for new products. The company manufactured its own brand of electronic and mechanical products out of range of peripherals as well as computers, becoming a well-known brand on IT industry both on the domestic market as well as on CAER (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance – an European economic organization of communist states) market.

After 1990, due to political and economical changes at European level, Romania was open to high-tech electronic and IT markets and Romanian producers were complied to cope with these changes by adjusting their products.

On March the 4th, 1991, our company was registered as a stock company with the Romanian State as unique shareholder, under new name as S.C. FEPER S.A. Under the new legal form, the company developed new range of products, trying to adapt to severe changes occurring in the context of domestic industry.

Beginning with 1998, FEPER S.A. was absorbed by the Financial Investment Fund (SIF) Transilvania becoming a stock company with private shareholders, having SIF Transilvania as the major shareholder. Based on this organizational structure, FEPER S.A. implemented the newest concepts in manufacturing technologies and, as a result, now is endowed with specific machine tools which provide greater flexibility in sheet processing.

Owning modern technologies, high-performance CNC equipment, specific industrial software and working with a high qualification specialists team, the Mechanical Processing Department of FEPER S.A. is able to manufacture various sheet metal parts and subassemblies from steel, stainless steel or steel / stainless steel alloy and aluminum - based on its own projects or drawings / samples provided by clients, as well as 19" and 21" racks and cabinets for IT and telecommunication industry.

Beginning with 2006, due to technological evolution of conception, planning and organization of the activity and not least, implementing a quality system ISO 9001 led to concluding of several contracts on foreign markets such as

Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, France etc. Following a strategy on medium and long term management, FEPER S.A. had diversified its activity through the acquisition of two hotels in Predeal, in Ploie[ti, addressing, this way, the tourism market also.

FEPER S.A. – Production Center

Currently, our company is a joint stock company with majority private capital, which developed production capacities in the field of fine metallic. FEPER S.A. is equipped with CNC machines and equipment allowing sheet metal processing by drilling, bending, stamping, grinding, crimping, welding, painting, operations with accuracy to 1 / 10 mm.

We achieve – based on our own projects or drawings / samples provided by the beneficiaries – metal structures with a large used applications in computer science, telecommunications, automation, electronics, etc.

Thus, following a short and medium – term management strategies, our company has proposed to use part of the financial resources for development. Thus, FEPER S.A. expanded and diversified product range which currently includes the following product groups:

Owning modern technologies, high-performance equipment, specific industrial software and working with a high qualification specialists team, FEPER S.A. is using a production unit for accomplishing fine metal structures.

FEPER S.A. – Products

FEPER S.A. – PRODUCTION CENTER manufactures a diversified range of products, such as:

1. Modular Structures:

  • Racks and Accessories in 19 “and 21” system – for supporting electronic equipment, computers, telecommunications and power systems – designed for 19 “/ 21” mounting.
  • Subracks and Accessories in 19 “and 21” system.
  • Metal Consoles and Accessories – Structures generally wrapped which through the outside surfaces support control elements, indicating or related service equipment.
  • Metal Boxes and Accessories – Structures, partially wrapped, suitable for mounting on a frame or by adapting the construction can be compatible with a chassis or drawer.
  • Metal Cases

2. Execution of mechanical parts and subassemblies with CNC machines and equipment, which fall into the following technological operations:

  • Laser cutting in 2D using TRU LASER TLF 3200W processing center
  • Punching, nibbling and forming using CNC machining centers TRUMATIC 200R TC with 15 posts and TC TRUMATIC 3000R with 19 posts
  • Bending using specialized CNC presses AMADA and TRUBEND and BYSTRONIC
  • Sanding with specialized CNC machine TIMESAVERS
  • Crimping screws, bolts and PEM type nuts with specialized equipment
  • Welding with CNC machine welded points, AMADA, protective environment of argon welding, spot welding fixed electrodes and welding screws and bolts with stored energy system
  • Electrostatic painting, technology GEMA – Switzerland, with polyester powder or epoxypolyesteric with Henkel chemical and heat treatments

FEPER S.A. – Services

1. Laser Cutting – FEPER S.A.

FEPER S.A. accomplishes fine metallics with CNC machines, based on their own projects or samples provided by beneficiaries.

Processing Center 3030-TLF TRULASER 3200W the company is equipped with, ensures processing of drilling and cutting techniques in the following parameters:

  • 3D programming and sheet optimising processing
  • sheet size: 1500 x 3000 mm
  • accuracy
  • positioning ± 0,10 mm
  • repeatability ± 0,03 mm
  • Materials processed:
  • low carbon steel maximum 20 mm
  • stainless steel maximum 12 mm
  • aluminium maximum 8 mm

2. Cutting and punching – FEPER S.A.

FEPER S.A. accomplishes fine metals with CNC machines, which fall into the following technological operations:

  • Punching, Nibbling, Forming: TC 200R TRUMATIC Processing Center, with 15 stations and TRUMATIC TC 3000R, with 19 tool stations, automatic tool change in CNC system
  • Punching equivalent diameter: Ø 76.2 mm, turning 360 0 (in degree, rank) of each profile tools CNC
  • Programming assisted optimization of 2D workpiece, using language TOPS 300
  • Thickness: 0 to 2 mm / formats: 1000 x 2500 (1000 x 3000 by repositioning)
  • Materials: metal with σr = 60 kgf/mm2 (steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Punching, nibbling, forming, 63 tons force punching
  • Deburring and polishing surface, processed with specialized CNC machines, TIMESAVERS: semi-flat dimensions: width: 0 to 800 mm / Length: 200 ÷ 2000 mm
  • Bending: press abkant specialized type of bending, AMADA and TRUBEND and BYSTRONIC sets of punches and corresponding prism (angle: 0:01 ÷ 179 o), thickness: up to 6 mm / maximum format: 1500 x 3000 mm, material: σr = 60 kgf/mm2
  • Rolling: thickness: 3mm maximum / Ø ext. min: 80mm, material: σr = 60 kgf/mm2
  • Cutting machining on lathes and universal milling machines

3. Dye shop – FEPER S.A.

  • Our company can meet the demands of electrostatic painting of metallic powder with maximum dimensions of 1100 x 4100 x 1600 mm (l x L x H) in color from RAL range requested by the client.
  • Paint layer is between 50 ÷ 100 μm.
  • Dye shop contains four machines needed for electrostatic painting process with powder and a water treatment plant for neutralization
  • In the painting, metal parts (steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, etc.). Which must be within the maximum gauge of 1100 x 4100 x 1600 mm (l x L x H) pass through the following technological operations:
  • Degreso-phosphate operation with an acidic solution (manufacturer Henkel), pressure (3 bar) at a temperature of 60 ÷ 80 ° C, the solution makes both degreasing and phosphating metal surfaces thereof.
  • Preparing surface ends with washing area with warm water and drying parts approx. 110° C.
  • The prepared pieces enter the thread protection technology and other areas specified by the manufacturer.
  • Following the operation of powder electrostatic field – based on “GEMA” technology.
  • In the final polymerization operation run technical specification of each type of powder used.

FEPER S.A. has a production capacity of fine metal structures making use of appropriate technology, advanced equipment, specific software and a team of highly qualified specialists. Production Center performs both products based on own conception and based on projects or samples provided by client.