Minex România, 20 years of experience in the industry

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Minex România, 20 years of experience in the industry

The Minex group of companies, one of the main local suppliers of integrated solutions for surface treatment, reached a turnover of nearly 10 million euro in 2014. The perspectives for 2015 are positive, especially thanks to contracting some significant maritime and off-shore works. In 2014, Minex managed, together with Dutch partners, to generate more projects abroad. They were aimed at the field of paint shops, ventilation systems and dehumidification. To this extent, the company carries out projects in Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Holland, Poland, Azerbaidjan, and permanently cooperates with and supplies foreign partners with design and project management services. Below is a short interview with Mr. Mircea Minea, CEO of Minex Romania, which touches subjects related to the Romanian industry and the short and long term strategy of the company.

Interview with Mr. Mircea Minea, CEO of Minex România

What do you believe is the new role of Romania in the context of increased relocation of production processes from Western Europe to BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China)?

Mircea Minea: Although the current situation is not exactly enviable, I believe Romania should follow the dominant industrial trend of Eastern Europe and develop own production capacities. The migration of industrial processes to the BRIC countries is increasingly frequent, but I don’t think it will affect high complexity products or those products which would eventually become difficult to sell due to high transportation costs.

What do you think are the prospects of the Romanian industry in the years to come?

Mircea Minea: The potential of the industrial sector depends significantly of external demand and governmental policy. It is absolutely imperative to initiate job and investment friendly infrastructure projects for the medium and long term. Moreover, the state should streamline and increase the pace of EU funds absorption, fight against informal work and reduce tax evasion – critical measures required to ensure the stability and development of the economy as a whole.

Ho does Minex adapt to the international context and what is the medium and long term strategy of the company?

Mircea Minea: In short, we invest in people and equipment. Maintaining our leadership on the internal market and approaching international markets require constant innovation.

We are already exporting know-how through design services provided to partner companies, while at the same time deve­loping own production capacities for our equipment. We are supported in this endeavour by our Dutch partners, who we cooperate with in external projects that allow us to increase our machinery exports.

Innovation in the design and assembly of Minex products is absolutely required, since the world market is very competitive. Additionally, we are strongly developing our distribution program, trying to establish new applications or bring special products designed for other market segments, different than those usually served until now.

The fast development of the automotive sector in the past years provides us with new market niches, especially for complex painting systems (multi-component paints), adhesive  or sealant accretion systems, polyurea application equipments or various special foams for hydro-insulations, more sophisticated sandblasting technologies.

What is the technological advantage of the products you intend to manufacture and sell in the following years?

Mircea Minea: The advantages of Minex’s own products consist in its 20 years of experience and cooperation with world leaders in our field.

Our know-how allows us to design and manufacture pro­ducts that meet particular demands of our customers in the maritime sector or the wider sector of ironworks.

The main advantages for the users consist in the reliability of the products and their energy efficiency, and not least, the fact that they address the particular needs of all customers. All fields have their niches, needs or new applications gene­rated by the current situation, and Minex undertakes to come with clear and practical solutions thereto.

We already delivered own products and design, assembly and service solutions for the European market (Holland, Norway, Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Iceland, Bulgaria), as well as more distant countries (Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Turkey).

We are now developing specific projects for ventilation and dehumidification equipments for the Asian maritime market.

We have positive expectations from our sister company in Bulgaria, which started to show promising results following a restructuring since 2014. This is driving us to consider expanding towards other neighbouring markets.