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Founded in 1991, SYSCOM-18 Company is a well-known name in industrial automation and metering systems in Romania. The company started as a distributor of automation equipment, but following the market trends it became a General Contractor and SYSTEM INTEGRATOR for complete automation solutions. Today the Company is providing "turnkey" ser­vices, providing design, equipment supply, automation cabinets, software development, installation, startup, testing and approvals. Syscom-18 covers a wide spectrum of customer needs through large-scale and quality services and technical skills, from the expertise of application in terms of automation system, project installation and commissioning up to its duties.

  • Syscom equipment

Syscom-18 has acquired a production facility for the development of cabinets production activities, metering skids, gas metering stations, analyzers systems, as well as electronic equipment. The Metrology Laboratory was outsourced, and a new company was established, SYScaltest LLC, an accredited metrology lab for calibration and verification.

Syscom-18 has over 800 customers on three continents, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia within 25 years of activity. Most applications were in oil and gas industry, but also in cement, ceramics, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, food or water treatment, etc.

Since 2000 Syscom-18 has executed works outside the coun­try, in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Syria, Kazakhstan, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Algeria, Congo, Turkmenistan.

Equipment supplied is produced by famous companies, respect­ing high quality standards. Syscom-18 has signed exclusive distribution agreements with over 50 companies from Europe, USA and Japan.

Syscom-18 is an ISO 9001 certified company since 1998 (ISO 9001/2004) and ISO18001, ISO14001 since 2006. It is attested

  • SCADA screen

  • Bahrain skids

  • Abu Dhabi skid

CE for cabinets, European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) for measuring systems other than water, INSEMEX for Ex area engineering, installation and service, ANRE both for electric engi­neering and installation and natural gas etc.

All of these represent a guarantee for professional approach to any automation project.