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Sheet Metal Processing SRL

The company Sheet Metal Processing SRL was founded in 2011, with the aim to expand the opportunities offered by the region in area of sheet metal processing. Our main activity is cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets using laser technology.

With this technology any shape with arbitrary complexity can be cut burrfree, from max. 20 mm steel, max. 15 mm stainless steel, and max. 10 mm aluminium plates, with maximal dimensions of 4m x 2m. As a result we can serve our client's needs of any stand.

About us

More than 10 years of experience in sheet metal processing technology, and years of experience in production, helped the decision to establish our company in Carei, Romania. We want our technology to expand the region's industrial potential, and to satisfy the most complex needs of our clients. Since the M3 highway in Hungary is only 70 km far, we consider ourselfes as a potential partner to foreign employers too. 

As a result of our professional experience we can ensure our clients with the following:

  • Precision

According to our politics, we always provide the fastest, specific and precise solutions. o Despite the fact that our technology is able to work with the highest precision, we continously monitor the precision of our products.

  • Flexibility

As a fully automated technology, the transition from one product to another takes minimum time, so of course results in increased productivity.

  • Economy

• Since our customer's satisfaction is our number one criteria, we always offer the most economical options.

• To this greatly contributes our equipment, which has a working range of 8 m2, so we can always choose the most optimal layout, minimalizing the waste.

  • Reliability

• We offer a complete service for our clients, from the early stages of product design, the series production, which would be impossible without mutual trust.

• With respecting deadlines, we also try to strengthen the confidence of our customers.

To be able to ensure these principles, beside our professional competence, our equipment will help. We operate a Trumpf TC 4030 laser cutting machine, which with it's modern technology and with it's large working range, can always ensure the optimal rate between the productivity and economy.

Technical data:

  • Table size: max. 4000 mm x 2000 mm
  • Maximal weight of workpiece: 1250 kg
  • Sheet thicknesses:

- 0-20 mm steel

- 0-15 mm stainless steel

- 0-8 mm aluminium

  • Positioning speed:

- 60 m/min paralel to an axis

-  85 m/min simultaneous

  • Accuracy:

- smalest programable distance: 0, 01 mm

- positioning accuracy: ±0,1 mm

- repeatability: ±0,03 mm

  • Laserpower: 4000 W

Our services

We can offer comprehensive services for sheet metal processing, from the design to the finished product, offering modern solutions for our clients, to become a reality their plans envisioned, just in a few hours. Our goal is that by working together with our clients, expand our services, which results to our customers satisfaction and development of our company.