2015 Award AGIR (General Association of Romanian Engineers) for Electrical Engineering

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2015 Award AGIR (General Association of Romanian Engineers) for Electrical Engineering

Power supply, monitoring, control and communication system for temporary insulated habitat (SIGHAB)

The power supply, monitoring, control and communication system for insulated temporary habitat (SIGHAB) is an innovative product developed in 2015 by ICPE ACTEL company (with 66 years of expertise), designed to provide the best operating conditions for activities in camps for flood victims, military or students, from construction sites or applications of institutions or local organizations, island or in insulated locations with facilities, with or without staff.

This system is the result of one project of National Plan of R&D&Innovation 2012 with UEFISCDI contracting authority, in partnership with WING Computer Group S.R.L.- coordinator, ISPE and UTI Group S.A. as partners.

The product has become a necessity that comes from the application of legislation of Interior Ministry, regarding the rules for organization and operation of camps for victim emergency at the central and local governments, which are obliged to prepare and train technical personnel for these situations.

SIGHAB ensures the minimum requirements for arrange a camp for victims (quick access to communication routes and sources of drinking water, telecommunications, natural protection appropriate) and necessary technical requirements:

  • uninterruptible power supply based on mixed solution traditional and renewable
  • adaptive lighting system depending on the movement in the camp
  • internal and external communications center for key personnel
  • perimeter security system with sensors
  • integrated control functionality of assembly
  • system of biological functions monitoring for survivors under medical supervision and staff subjected to stress
  • mechanical packing for transport and fixation of constituent elements.

Innovative solution

The SIGHAB product realised by ICPE ACTEL constitute a unified solution, flexible, modular, integrated and scalable, providing all the above requirements. It is unique in Romania and at the top level of the art world.

The system structure includes six modules placed in a standard container, offshore or road type, namely:

  1. mixed energy system of uninterruptible power supplies, produced from primary sources (electrical network – where there, fossil fueled engine and batteries) and renewable (wind and solar);
  2. System of communications (voice, data and wireless), internal and external (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM, Satellite);
  3. Mechanical masts and containers. Additional prototyping: water pumps, filters;
  4. Sistem of monitoring and perimeter security (closed circuit television subsystems, sensors perimeter);
  5. Sistem of medical monitoring of human vital signs (EKG, physical position with GPS, oximetry, temperature, respiration rate);
  6. Sistem of monitoring and SCADA control of services.

In 2014 the solution was subject of attention of Romanian Pattent Office (OSIM). The distributed energy sources obtained with parameters of infinite grid power is one of the spectacular results of the SIGHAB product.

Technical - economic results and references

The product is made in 7 variants of increasingly complex designed levels:

  • regional
  • county
  • municipal
  • urban
  • small and isolated communities
  • for cases of disaster
  • perimeter monitoring.

Financial performance indicators relate to the main economy obtained from the use of renewables in the system. It is noted ergonomics of use by possibility of rapid commissioning.

In 2015 they received two containers for energizing and availability of communications applications in isolated areas in Romania and radiodetection systems of meteors speed and trajectory in a program run by ELCOS Project, followed by yet 34 orders for similar products.

Oher 5 systems are under contract, for special backup for computer kiosks for the Road Inspectorate in Bulgaria.

The solution ensures new opportunities and business development.