The PCE-OVM 3D - a digital 3D microscope for magnifying spatial structures

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by PCE Deutschland GmbH

The PCE-OVM 3D - a digital 3D microscope for magnifying spatial structures

With the PCE-OVM 3D, PCE Instruments has a new 3D microscope in its product range that differs from other models, among other things, in allowing a particularly large work surface to be used. For this purpose, the two offset cameras, the image processor unit, the illumination and all interfaces are located in a head section that is mounted onto the plate of the work table with an articulated holding arm. In addition, the PCE-OVM 3D can be operated in a network with its own IP address.

The microscope head of the PCE-OCM 3D is designed for a focal distance of 430 mm with a focal depth of 12 mm and has a swivel radius of 850 millimetres due to the articulating arm. Under this microscope, it is therefore also possible to work comfortably with larger objects and tools. Both the microscope head and the objects can be rotated and moved in order to be able to assess all important points in one go. Many parts do not have to be disassembled to fit under the microscope.

The PCE-OVM 3D - a digital 3D microscope for magnifying spatial structures

Due to the large working area, one or more templates can be placed next to the samples for comparison and viewed simultaneously on the screen. Instead of this direct comparison, an image previously saved on a USB pen drive can also be displayed as a template on a partial area of the monitor.

The object area covered by the microscope's optics is immediately recognisable by the light cone. By moving the microscope head, the centre of the light cone can be easily directed to the areas to be inspected. The image appearing on the monitor is brought into focus by changing the distance. The magnification factor can be changed between 15, 20, 25 and 30 by turning the mouse wheel. The images displayed with full HD resolution can be shown either two- or three-dimensionally. The 3D glasses required to perceive the spatial structures are included.

For better quality of the images regarding reflections and colour reproduction, different object modes can be selected and individually adjusted. The storage of the images on a USB pen drive is done with the foot switch. This way, both hands can be used for positioning the object or for other adjustments.

The PCE-OVM 3D thus allows the comfortable examination of spatial structures even with larger objects. Due to the image displayed on the large monitor, the strain on the eyes and back is much lower than at conventional microscopy workstations. Detailed work, for example on electronic components, dental prostheses or in the restoration of works of art, can also be carried out well under this microscope and checked directly on the screen.

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