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de 21 octombrie 2016

The EU structural and investments funds support the Romanian high technology

The The European Commission approved the second phase of the project “Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics” (ELI-NP) being implemented at Magurele, Romania. Thus, more than 140 million Euro from the European Regional Development Fund will be earmarked for the continuation of the works initiated in 2013.

de 21 octombrie 2016


In the plastics processing field operates ASPAPLAST – the Romanian Plastics Processor Employers’ Association, established in 1992, as a non-governmental and non-political organization.

de 21 octombrie 2016

Romanian companies at K 2016

DUCATEX S.A. is a modern and energetic developing company; the source of its success is the wide investment program, orga­nized management system, improving and maintaining a severe quality control policy based on developing the laboratory facili­ties, built-in customer service department ready to comply, in a flexible and quickly way, to the highest demands of the market, to a highly qualified staff continually upgrading their professional skills.

de 21 octombrie 2016

Romanian companies at EuroBlech 2016

IMA with headquarter in Italy/Arosio, subsidiary in Rumania/Baia Mare and Joint venture in India (Mudhra) is highly specialist in stamping parts produced by transfer technology and deep drawing parts. IMA is strongly focused in transfer stamping technology, deep drawing, cold forging and riveting as well as welding and mechanical assemblies. We are supplying the automotive industry worldwide with our production plants in Arosio and Baia Mare

de 20 octombrie 2016

China (Xiangshan) – Romania Investment Forum

The Ministry of Economy, Trading and Business Environment Relationships through InvestRomania, a component of the Trading and Investment Promotion Department co-organized in Bucharest the event “China (Xiangshan) – Romania Investment Forum”, dedicated to promoting the challenging advantages of Romania and of the country offer before the investors and authorities of Xiangshan Province (China).

de 20 octombrie 2016

STEWO Maramureş Conference, ,,Plastics processing in Romania”

Current trends and development opportunities of plastics industry were discussed by participants from different industries in northeastern Romania. The plastics processing company STEWO had invited from 12 to 15 May customers, network partners and suppliers to Maramureș.

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