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de 20 octombrie 2016

The Romanian Plastics Industry

Plastic… the key innovation of many products and technologies in various sectors of economy such as pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, power generation, aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, electronics, packaging and textiles.

de 20 octombrie 2016

OPOC ENGINE DBV, a revolutionary invention

Since 1993, DBV Research has been delivering unique technical solutions with a global approach of each and every project. Besides the fact that we are renowned for our research and innovation proposals in national auctions, we have successfully participated in various conventions abroad.

de 20 octombrie 2016

The General Association of Engineers in Romania (A.G.I.R.)

The General Association of Engineers in Romania (A.G.I.R.), that has reappeared within the Romanian society in 1990, is a professional organisation, with full autonomy, non-governmental, apolitical, and with non-profit activity, constituted on a non-limited duration. The statutes establish the General Association of Engineers in Romania organisation and functioning.

de 20 octombrie 2016

Alro, supplier of aluminium products for Airbus

Alro S.A., the largest aluminium producer in continental Europe (with the exception of Russia and the Scandinavian Peninsula) has been selected as an aluminium supplier by Airbus, the largest manufacturer of airplanes. The agreement has been concluded for a period of several years and begins in 2017. According to the terms of the contract, Alro will supply aluminium flat laminated products for the manufacturing of airplanes.

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