WEC Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe


WEC Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe

Hosted and organized by the WEC Romanian Member in Bucharest (20-21 March 2013), the WEC Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe was meant to strengthen the regional cooperation among WEC CEE Member Committees, find out the best ways and means to  stimulate activities at the regional level (conferences, symposia, workshops, studies and programmes) and agree upon the main themes and important events of the forthcoming FOREN 2014.

The CEE meeting was Cochaired by Messr. Frank Hajdinjak – WEC Chair for Europe (substitute), Masato Komiya – WEC Director Regional Agenda, Slav Slavov – WEC Manager for Europe and Iulian Iancu – Chairman of WEC  Romanian MC. The CEE meeting  was attended by  chairs and secretaries of the WEC MCs from Bulgaria,  Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

There were also invited:

  • Romanian Goverment represented by counselor Mihnea Constantinescu
  • Romanian Parliament – The Chamber of Deputies and The Senat
  • Romanian Academy – The Vicepresident Acad. Cristian Hera
  • Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority – The Vicepresident Claudiu Dumbrăveanu
  • National Agency for Minearl Resources – counselor Florin Sora
  • The leadership for the following companies (WEC/RNC corporate members): ALSTOM, E.ON România, Electromagnetica, Adrem Invest, Federation of Associations of Romanian Energy Utilities

During the two days were presented for discussion and approval the following reports:

Evaluation of Policies and Practices used by WEC Member Committees in Central and Eastern Europe”. Joint organisation of events related to the following WEC Global Studies. In this report, Prof. Virgil Mușatescu, counsellor WEC Romanian MC, focused on the key interconnected policy areas (design coherent and long-term energy policies, enable market conditions to attract long-term investments, encourage initiatives  that foster R&D in all areas of energy technologies), stressing that decisions should be made further to consulting stakeholders, MCs as actors with important role in their country. He also addressed  the critical energy issues of WEC studies meant to solve the Energy Trilemma, the top critical uncertainties in Europe (climate framework and energy efficiency, all of then  influencing energy security, environmental impact and social equity) , as well as energy sustainability index. In conclusion, to approach these challenges, the Member Committees have to identify the best practices and learn each from others how to implement them in order to reach their committed targets concerning a sustainable development of their energy sectors. That was the main reason for them to be in this regional meeting.

“Turkey Energy Outlook” regarding The Basic Finding, Indicators, Energy Consumption, Energy Supply and Demand and others. Oguz Türkyilmaz – WEC/Turkish Member Committee

Issues that lead to the improvement of the relations among the WEC member committees in the region and how to promote the WEC visibility. In this report Mrs. Elena Ratcu,counsellor WEC România, pointed out the need of a Regional Partners Programme among WEC MCs in the CEE region as:

  • WEC MCs Regional Partnerships
  • Improvement of the websites acting as communication committees
  • Future Energy Leaders Programme – FELP România
  • Media relations in the Central and Eastern Europe
  • Promoting DAEGU 2013 World Energy Congress

The WEC comments about relations among WEC London Office and WEC Member Committees

Mr. Masato Komiya WEC Director Regional Agenda focused on:

  • WEC’s energy issues survey on national deep dive (WEC London encourages as many MCs as possible to join this national deep dive, so the procedure, timeline, etc. will briefly explained.)
  • Ministerial level speakers for Daegu Congress 2013 (Daegu OC and WEC London are still exploring more participation from Central and Eastern European countries.)
  • First overview of the programme for the Daegu Congress (please note that this may not be ready yet, subject to the progress and decision by the WEC London/Daegu OC.)

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe presented by Mr. Gheorghe Bălan WEC/RNC Executive General Director with a view to:

-      Agreeing a Guide which will enforce the Regional Meeting for WEC Member Committees in Central and Eastern Europe. WEC Member Committees which attended the meeting approved MoU as founder members of the first Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe and committed to introduce and promote this agreement to other member committees of countries in the Central and Eastern region.

FOREN 2014. Preliminary Programme

Establishing the themes for the Important Events of the Forum and establishing the tasks of the WEC Member Committees for a good organization of the Forum.

The agenda of the forthcoming WEC Central and Eastern Europe Energy Forum FOREN 2014 was thoroughly analyzed by all participants. They approved the following main themes:

  • Participants from each member committee
  • VIPs for the 3 Important Events: The Opening Ceremony, Regional Energy Day and Policy Trilemma
  • Speakers for the other Important Events
  • Establishing the FOREN 2014 International Organizing Committee
  • FOREN 2014 papers of each member committee
  • Media coverage for FOREN 2014in March 2013 - June 2014 by each member committee in its country
  • Other subjects

The Minute of WEC Regional Meeting for Central and Eastern Europe was signed by the representatives of all WEC member committees participating in the event.

All participants in the meeting presented, on turn, the current energy situation in their countries with a focus on their weak and strong points – opportunities included -, exchanged opinions and views on the discussions and papers presented and appreciated as very useful such a regional meeting for Central and Eastern Europe countries at the level of the World Energy Council.

Gheorghe Bălan is WEC/ RNC Executive General Director 

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